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Carolina Property Management Group LLC       


Principal/Owner - Our goal was to start a property management company which provides a quality, reliable and dedicated approach to property management, so Carolina Property Management Group LLC (CPMG) was formed in 2009. Having a background in commercial and residential property management, operations, administration and real estate, allows the company to delivering the highest level of service producing the greatest return over the long-term.

We are a small company with a desire to grow at a pace that maintains a high quality service. It is important to us that all parties interests are taken into account in the decision making process, be it the owner, tenant (where applicable), contractor, state and local governments, etc. Many of our clients have been obtained from owner's dissatisfied with previous management companies and we are proud to say that we have never had a client discontinue their relationship with us.

We have a list of reputable vendors that have a proven track record and understand our goals to provide quality service at a fair rate. We have chosen to contract with vendors rather than hiring individuals as it allows us to seek out the best contractor for the particular need based on the project.

Prior to creating CPMG, I acted as the property/operations manager for a large technical training center in Atlanta where I negotiated rates to provide building services and oversaw all repair and reconstruction of both locations. My responsibilities included negotiating terms with contract companies, maintaining proper inventory levels and controlling material costs through research and bids. Additional, I ensured timely payments to vendors and contractors to avoid late fees and take advantage of discounts. We relocated one office to new building without interruption of service.

                                                                                                                                                                       Deborah Burt

                                                                                                                                                             Business Development

In addition to working with her husband in business development for Carolina Property Management Company (CPMG), Deborah also owns and operates Phoenix Healthcare Consulting Group (PHCG) which she started in 2008 after relocating from to the Low Country after a career in healthcare administration in Atlanta.  Her focus is on ambulatory services for hospital and group medical practices, strategic and financial management, and business development. She has managed commercial medical facilities throughout her career.  Her role with CPMG is business development which allows her to work directly with clients.

We have experience with commercial and HOA properties, I'm confident that we can meet your expectations and together reach the goals set forth. It is our goal to customize our agreements for each project based on the needs of the clients.

References available upon request

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