Review contracts and bids to obtain quality service at the best rate

  • Review contracts

  • Solicit bids from a minimum of three (3) contractors/vendors

  • Negotiate for favorable rate

  • Make recommendations to the board/owner

Onsite Presence

  • Routine site visits and reports

  • Contract bid specifications prepared, or obtained from a professional, for approval

  • Aid in analysis of contractor proposals

  • Contract negotiation

  • Generate service requests and work orders

  • Inspect completed work orders of a value in excess of $250.00

  • Routine and preventative maintenance planning

  • Major repair and capital improvement project coordination if requested and agreed upon by both parties by separate agreement

  • Maintenance history

  • Established working relationships with the areas contractors

  • Twenty-four (24) hour emergency call system

Accounts Receivable

  • Owner accounts maintained

  • Invoices mailed to each owner prior to the fiscal year

  • Checks received and deposited in a timely manner

  • Collection of delinquent accounts in accordance with collection policy

  • Owner/Tenant information maintained and updated

Accounts Payable

  • Invoices received, processed, checked against purchase orders and paid

  • Generate ledger report of all checks issued

Financial Statements & Services

  • Balance Sheets

  • Income and Expense statement comparing actual expenditures to budget

  • Aged Receivables Report with action updates

  • Check Disbursement Report

  • Special Reports to include:

    • General Ledger

    • Journal Entry Report

    • Copies of all invoices and check stubs

    • Copies of all bank statements

    • Bank Statement Reconciliation Report


  • Perform work in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures

  • Assist an independent auditor to perform yearly audit

  • Provide copies of such audited financial statements and tax returns


  • Financial Reports

  • Contract specifications under consideration

  • Physical property inspection/maintenance report

  • Miscellaneous items of business